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Hanafy: Maumoon is the world's worse dictator
MDP Newsletter 8: Hi, this is a link to the new MDP newsletter. Thx.
Mike: Someone set us up the Farish.
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Tuesday, March 16th 2004

3:21 AM

Why do we always vote Maumoon?

Maldivians talk big about change, they talk big about democracy, they talk big about changing the regime. But when it comes to voting they'd bend over and give Maumoon another term. What is wrong in this picture?

I've sat and listen to many Maldivians debate about the future of my country, from these conversations I've learned that these people could be categorized into two distinct types.

1. Those who want to add more laws, restrict freedom and generally become fundie.
2. Those who want make Maldives an Anarchy.

It's true there are some who are bent on making Maldives the next commie haven, but most of these can be brushed off as stupid kiddies posing off as politicians.

Now there is a lot of talk, and I mean a lot. People obviously have a lot of time to talk about Maldivian politics (and I've had a suspicion that some of them might even be computer generated). But, when it comes to politics, Maldives has a big mouth and no where is it bigger than in the MDP and Anti-MDP forums and websites. Anti-MDP being run by Farish Maumoon (The idiot son of the bastard King).

Talk is good, but action is what we need. When it comes time to vote yes or no for our presidential vote (where Maumoon is the only candidate -- see democracy at work Mr. Bush), by some sort of mystic intervention, we all seem to vote for Maumoon. And  I'm not talking about cheating, people do actually vote for him, however opposed they might be of him 20 mins ago.

Why is this? Why are we such big hypocrites? Why can't we change? Why can't we NOT VOTE for Maumoon? I ask this question, cause this needs an Answer. And if it's fear that makes you vote for Maumoon, then sadly you are no son of my nation.

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Friday, March 12th 2004

4:03 AM

Impeach Maumoon

Today we heard from various sources about how the South Korean parliament successfully impeached their president. This process and the result shows the quality and power of a good democracy.

In president Gayoom's Maldives, this process does not exist. Gayoom can never be impeached, can never be replaced and would always keep getting re-elected through the fear that has so forcefully pushed down the Maldivian throats.

I call for the impeachment of the president, I call him incompetent, I call him a fascist and I call him anti-Democratic.
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